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Ron Dermer

Ron Dermer
Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Ron Dermer earned a BA in Finance and Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1993, and a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University in 1996. In 1995, while still at Oxford, he helped manage Natan Sharansky’s Yisrael b’Aliyah 1996 election campaign.

Dermer worked as a political consultant for Natan Sharansky in the 1999 campaign, and from January 2001 for nearly three years he wrote a column “The Numbers Game” for The Jerusalem Post. In 2004, he and Sharansky co-wrote the best-selling book The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror. In 2005, while Benjamin Netanyahu served as Finance Minister under Ariel Sharon, Dermer was appointed Minister for Economic Affairs to the Israeli embassy in Washington.

Dermer currently serves as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s senior adviser.  He is considered the Prime Minister’s closest adviser and strategic consultant.

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