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Francois Fillon

Francois Fillon
Prime Minister, France

François Fillon was first appointed as Prime Minister of France by President Nicolas Sarkozy on May 17, 2007. He served initially until November 13, 2010 when he resigned from being prime minister before a planned cabinet reshuffle. On November 14, 2010 Sarkozy reappointed Fillon as Prime Minister.

As a member of the UMP party, Fillon became Jean-Pierre Raffarin’s Minister of Labour in 2002 and undertook controversial reforms of the 35-hour working week law and of the French retirement system (Lois Fillon). He became Minister of Education and Research in 2004 and proposed the much-debated Fillon law on Education. In 2005, he was not included in the new government headed by Dominique de Villepin, but was elected senator for the Sarthe department. His role as a political advisor in Nicolas Sarkozy's successful race for president led to his current post.

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