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Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner
Director of Communications, Community Security Trust

Mark Gardner joined the staff of Community Security Trust (and its predecessor, Community Security Organisation) in 1989, first serving as a researcher, and then Director of Research. Mark now serves as Director of Communications and Deputy Director of Operations, positions he has held since 2005.

As Director of Communications, Mark is regularly quoted in Jewish, British, and international media on CST's core issues of antisemitism, policing, security and terrorism, and has authored many articles and CST reports on these issues. He also speaks regularly at public meetings and conferences on these subjects and represented CST and the Jewish community in giving verbal evidence at the 2006 Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism.

Mark has also represented CST and the Jewish community on numerous national Police advisory committees and was awarded a Police commendation for helping to lead Police communication with all of London's minority communities during the Nazi nail bombing campaign of 1999.

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