Unmasked | Judeophobia - The threat to civilization

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"This documentary is required viewing for every department of Middle East Studies that is doing its job of studying the Middle East."
Professor Ruth R. Wisse
Harvard University

"Gloria Greenfield's film powerfully exposes the toxic impact of antisemitism on contemporary political discourse and the de-legitimization of Israel."
Professor Robert Wistrich
Author, A Lethal Obsession:
Antisemitism from Antiquity to Global Jihad

"A serious and sometimes terrifying analysis of how antisemitism, often masked as anti-Zionism has permeated modern life and discourse worldwide."
Hannah Brown
The Jerusalem Post

"Not only is UNMASKED Judeophobia excellent on first viewing, but lingers and deepens in memory and reviewing. Greenfield found just the right tone to take on the most difficult subject of this generation. Alas that such a movie had to be made! Alas that no matter how many people see it, more still should see it."
Professor Richard Landes
Boston University

Dangerous to think hatred not too bad
Simon Yaffe
Jewish Telegraph, 07 Dec 2012
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'Unmasked' a clarion call to Jewish world, filmmaker says
Lee Chottiner
The Jewish Chronicle, Pittsburgh, 08 Jun 2012

'A clarion call to sound the alarm' on anti-Semitism
Elaine Durbach
New Jersey Jewish News, 02 May 2012
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Gloria Z. Greenfield uses her impressive organizational talents to sound the alarm about global anti-Semitism
Fight Hatred, 17 Apr 2012

Think Again: Purim in contemporary guise
Jonathan Rosenblum
The Jerusalem Post, 01 Mar 2012
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Film calls anti-Semitism 'threat to civilization'
David A. Schwartz
South Florida Sun-Sentinel., 29 Feb 2012
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Media Comment: The watchdogs
Israel Medad and Eli Pollak
The Jerusalem Post, 22 Feb 2012
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Call To Action - Movie documents rising tides of anti-Jewish fervor worldwide.
Don Cohen
Detroit Jewish News, 16 Feb 2012
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Unmasking Judeophobia - Film tackles today’s anti-Semitism.
Masha Rifkin
Detroit Jewish News, 02 Feb 2012
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CONVERSATION WITH... Gloria Z. Greenfield
Connectictut Jewish Ledger, 20 Jan 2012
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Unmasking Judeophobia
Rebeca Kuropatwa
Jewish Tribune, 16 Jan 2012
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Behind 'Unmasked,' there is hope
Hannah Brown
The Jerusalem Post, 31 Dec 2011
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An Open Letter to the 'Good Liberal' Who Ignores Occupy Wall Street's Jew Hatred
Phyllis Chesler
PJ Media, 19 Nov 2011
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We sorely need the ADL...to do its job
Charles Jacobs
Jewish Advocate, Boston, 03 Nov 2011
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